Priscila Welter


PW is a brand of handbags, shoes and accessories made in Spain under the hand of its founder and creative director, Priscila Welter. A Brazilian, settled in Spain and continually inspired by real women, Priscila has created a personal style of accessories with a very clear objective: enhance any look and create timeless accessories that become key pieces of every wardrobe. Her style is characterised by combining the classic and the modern - as well as the basic and the sophisticated - always emphasising the details: contemporary and ethnic colours and a fusion of textures and fringes. Boho and rock styles are always present in her collections.


Committed to the community and following a family tradition - both her father and grandfather also produced handcrafted shoes - Priscila believes that real luxury today lies in being able to create by hand under the care of local craftsmen. All her pieces are hand made in Spain with 100% natural leather, organic cotton, recycled materials and use sustainable processes. Charitable and passionate about nature, she is committed to making a positive impact on the planet and all who are part of it, through each and every action that the brand makes.

Priscila Welter Shop Jávea

Cristo del Mar, 24
03730, Jávea (Alicante)


 +34 865 52 65 69

 +34 656 667 759


Lunes a Sábado de
9:30 a 14h. y de 16:30 a 19:30h.

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